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Pure Body Burn

Pure Body Burn (PBB) will revolutionize the way you train. It’s no impact, powerful and will teach you how to use your body successfully in workout programs.

With focus on the Core, and the muscle and muscle groups connected to it, you are guaranteed of a lean, toned look by working with your own body weight and up to 1kg weights. This two part simple yet intense workout will burn your bodyfat in two folds where muscles burn and then shake while the other method is focusing on a set group of muscles intensifying the burning of body fat. Book your session today to experience the Burn for a better Body!


Lean Body

Work your way into a Long, Lean Body.

Strength & Endurance

Increase your muscle strength and endurance.


Become more skilled and effective at sport or other workout programs.

Great for First timers

Great for First timers, as a postnatal workout or even those with injuries who cannot do heavy training.

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