Ashanthi Soris Mirchandani is the founder of Breakthrough Studio. The name of the studio is derived from her passion which is helping people find the breakthrough within them to become the best version of themselves. Apart from being an entrepreneur and fitness coach, she is also a life coach. She is certified in GOFLO, TRX suspension training, TRX Rip training, and Pre and post-natal training. She also holds a BSc in Food Science and Technology from the University of Victoria, Australia. Ashanthi is the first to introduce GOFLO suspension training to Sri Lanka through Breakthrough Studio.

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Today is my birthday! My 42 years on this earth have taught me that life is not about growing up— but a continuous journey of living with authenticity, leaning in to vulnerability, allowing the unlearning and simultaneously growing IN to your truer self. In spite of the many ups and downs, trials and tribulations I have faced, with age, I have also gained a newfound strength that comes with knowing myself better than I ever did before. Ladies, age is not something to FEAR, but something to HONOUR. Look at every moment of life as a gift and a privilege. . A lot has shifted in the last 3 years and especially these past 12 months. I am opening my next decade of precious life more MYSELF than ever before, and filled with deeper GRATITUDE than I have ever felt. My life so far has been absolutely NOTHING of what I had expected/envisioned/planned for myself while growing up, but out of all the unforeseen challenges, heartaches and changes has blossomed an unforeseen level of inner peace, love, and JOY beyond anything I knew was possible. . Thank you sincerely for allowing me to take part in your life’s journey and sharing in mine. Wherever you’re at right now, it is NEVER too late to LIVE! To learn, to change, to deepen. Cheers to the things that truly matter. Cheers to LIFE, beautiful people . No matter what the circumstances are, God is always good and faithful ❤. It really is a #wow life ❤. . . #trx #trxpike #trxabs #trxcore #trxcertified #trxcolombo #weightlosscolombo #colombofitness #fitness #fitkadkes #strongisthenewskinny #breakthroughstudio.lk #yourbreakthroughisinyou #entrepreneur #business #businessowner #girlboss #bosswomen #instadaily #instafit #fitgirls #fitpreneur #fashion #lookbook

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