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Train with Ash a certified TRX instructor! Total Resistance exercise (TRX) first used by the Navy Seals, is an extraordinary complete body workout which allows you to use The Original TRX suspension trainer, a versatile tool that helps you to develop true Functional Strength and improves balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously by using your body and centre of gravity as required on the playing field of sports and in life. It is a modern system of bodyweight exercises which are a systematic collection of best practices of both old and new which have been assembled, modified and formalized into a single body with a cutting-edge training methodology built around it.


Why TRX ?

The Problem- Our Daily movements require us to move in multiple planes all at once. A constraint of general training is that machines and free weights limit the planes of motion possible during exercises.

The Solution- Suspension Training accommodates limitless variation in angles and planes, allowing you to have a 3D Workout using many exercises and allowing you to train like you live, rather than sitting and exercising in one plane or one isolated muscle.

TRX Suspension Training is not just for performance elites but also for those to safely and rapidly improve their fitness levels. TRX utilizes your center of gravity and movement to generate neuromuscular responses to changes in body position and mechanical advantage. and maximizes the benefits of bodyweight exercises for faster results.

Top celebrity trainers are incorporating suspension training exercises into the routines of their Hollywood A listers with spectacular results. Suspension Training develops Core Strength using functional movements and dynamic positions utilizing the single point attachment, rather than lying on the floor like traditional exercises. It intentionally displaces your Centre Of gravity which activates the core musculature during every exercise working your core muscles and giving you an ideal mix of support and mobility to train strength, endurance, balance, coordination,flexibility,power and core stability all at once across a wide range of resistance .

Join us today to Push, Pull and Rotate yourself to a brand new you!


Complete Workout

Use the complete Body workout to Build lean muscle.

Fast & Effective

Get a fast-effective Full body workout.

Functional Strength

Develop your Functional Strength, with tailor made workout plans!

All core all the time

All core all the time – It uses the Core of your body all the time.

TRX Trainer

Train with the TRX Suspension trainer which gives you many options of exercise making it a versatile and effective way to keep fit.


Improve your mobility and flexibility by using the Original TRX Suspension Trainer.

Train in 3D

TRX allows you to train in 3D, we move in multiple planes of motion at once.


Physical therapists are using TRX to rehabilitate patients in hospitals, wellness centers , sports medicine clinics and chiropractic offices as well.

Rehabilitation from injuries

TRX is an excellent option for Rehabilitation from injuries or even for senior person who struggle with mobility. Senior wellness centers have turned to TRX as a solution as it enables them to move freely without fear of falling.

Great for sports

Suspension Training is Great for Sports personalities from Hockey, Football,Golf, Tennis and even Cricket!
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