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TRX RIP Training

While TRX RIP was originally for physical trainers and combat sports athletes, you can use it to develop mobility and stability throughout the body to generate and resist rotational forces and increase performance in doing everyday tasks from carrying groceries, to picking up your child or even to swim, run or bike. Train with limitless variation, customizable goals and Utilize the lever bar and resistance cord to provide a unique mix of rotation, core stability, control, power, balance and coordination challenges working the core which is engaged to stabilize and balance the body. Opt for High speed, low load training or low speed, high load training.

Get in touch with us to utilize the benefit of this multi-faceted, customizable approach to building strength and achieving cardiovascular conditioning to give you better balance, coordination and total body power by harnessing the benefits of Elastic Resistance. Join usl to challenge yourself in all three planes of motion every rep, every set, every workout.


Train in 3D

RIP allows you to train in 3D, allowing you to move through angles and planes of motion to make you better at what you do (functional training). E.g:- throwing a football or leather ball, swinging a golf club/bat or even performing a high jump.

Work on Any Goal

Your workout can be customized to, increased speed, increased power, strength, balance, ability, stability, mobility, flexibility, endurance, coordination, accuracy and metabolism.

Great for Sportsmen and Sportswomen

Great for Sportsmen and Sportswomen or those wanting to improve general fitness in a fun way- RIP allows you to focus on your core stability and many other aspects while giving you a fun refreshing way to workout.


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