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Pre and Post Natal

A woman’s body undergoes immense changes during a pregnancy and a lot of stress is put on the muscles of the lower back. Exercising during this period and after must be done with care and can increase strength and reinforce the body structure.

With simple yet effective workouts, your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles could be toned and exercised while strengthening your lower back which usually takes the strain of baby weight and ensures your wellness evenafter delivery. Our Pre & Post Natal training sessions which follows the internationally acclaimed Fit4Mum program is beneficial to strengthen your body to cope with your changing form and tone your tummy after delivery and to help you get back in shape or become a fitter version so you can take care of your baby and look and feel great!.

Benefits PRE-NATAL

Baby's Health

Research shows that keeping fit and eating healthy during pregnancy can make your baby bigger, stronger and smarter!

Best time to start

Starting to work out during your Pregnancy is the best time to begin- During pregnancy your body pumps twice as much of blood around which helps you with added energy and stamina to keep fit.

You're at your peak

Your Body is at its’ peak of strength- Due to increased blood flow and the increase in hormones, keeping fit during your pregnancy will be an added benefit.

Reduce Risk

Exercise can ease delivery and reduce the risk of complications during your pregnancy. The more you increase your pregnancy fitness, the faster you’ll recover physically after childbirth.

Blood Pressure

Working out reduces your Blood Pressure and eases Back and Pelvic pain while strengthening your body at the same time.


Back to shape

By working with a tailor made workout by Ash you are able to bring your Body back to it’s normal shape.


Simple yet effective exercises can improve your Posture, Cardiovascular Fitness and increase your Muscle Strength.

Firm up!

Helps to Firm up, Tone and Condition your abdominal muscles.

Improves your mood

Postnatal Exercises improves your mood, Makes you more energetic, relieves stress and helps to prevent postpartum depression.

Getting back in shape

Getting back in shape and strengthening your body means you can carry out mummy duties much better and feel healthier as well.

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